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혜성의 별 ★
02 June 2017 @ 03:55 pm
Hello! I'm selling some 신화 Shinhwa/ 신혜성 Shin Hye Sung CDs and DVDs from my past. I know, I know. I'm a bit sad about letting go of these babies. I've taken care of these for almost 10 years now. Well, I feel like they deserve a new home; a new owner who will shower them with the same love I did, way back 2007. It's just that I really don't have the time to watch these DVDs or listen to these CDs anymore and I feel bad for neglecting them. Time to let another fan enjoy them.

Items here are reserved!Collapse )

I still have a few items for sale!Collapse )

But, 언니, why are your prices so expensive? It's because all of these are out of print and hard to find in such good condition. But-

All prices negotiable (but give me a good reason why you're making tawad. I'm easy to talk to). All prices are also inclusive of shipping within the Philippines. Also, I want to make sure that you will take care of my CDs and I'm letting them go to a worthy fan. :)

For any questions or if you need more photos to prove the condition of these items, please message me on Facebook (under Rhanie Chu) or send me a whatsapp message (+639177077654). For international buyers, message me if you want to arrange something.
혜성의 별 ★
24 March 2015 @ 10:55 pm

B etta get in a line 인사부터 해 난 니가 누군지도 몰라~

03/30/08: I also did a little friends cut. Nothing particularly personal, we were probably never close to begin with OR we don't share any same interests (anymore?) OR you never update your LJ anyway. Well, thank you for the memories.

For those I cut off because they're pathetic liars, good riddance.

Comment to be added.

And no, I don't add random people.

Friends only banner by jangneri. <3
The Genie is: accomplishedaccomplished
To the tune of: Shooting Star- 신화
혜성의 별 ★

There was a day like that.

The days when I dreamed of a blue sky while on a swing set.

A day when I kicked up my feet with all my might and let myself take a flight even though I knew that I had to get back down eventually.

Because I loved the wind brushing against my ears...

Because I loved the feel of my mind clearing up...

There was time when I went out to ride on a swing in the middle of the night long ago.

When I kicked the ground with my feet with all the strength I had while I was holding on to the swing tightly with two small hands, my eyes started to bear a resemblance to the stars before my realization.

For what purpose have I become so distant from those days?

When I think of my current self who easily gives up flying because I am afraid of falling, suddenly, I feel a desire to go to a playground.

Tomorrow, either during the day when the sky is blue or during the night when the stars are pretty, I think I might go for a swing.

The days when I felt like I could catch the sky if I just stamp on my feet...

With the same bright smile from those days on my lips, tomorrow, I think I will spread my dreams on the sky as I take a swing.

- 신혜성

Translations, subtitles and audtio editing by: Kay77 (ladyoflake)
The Genie is: contemplativecontemplative
To the tune of: Island- 신혜성